Our Vision

Yakult pushes forward with the quest for new possibilities for probiotics in the academic and medical fields. We work with doctors, scientists and dietitians worldwide to help people with medical conditions and find ways our probiotics can be used to help people suffering. Yakult's research has led to many significant medical advances, even beyond the probiotics field, such as the development of the Campto Injection, the first-line drug for colon cancer in the United States.

The human digestive system has over 500 types of bacteria, most of which are good and keep you healthy. A healthy person has more good than bad bacteria, but any change in the body’s bacteria balance can cause digestive issues. With probiotics, the good bacteria help reduce the possibility of bad bacteria taking over. By doing so, probiotics may help balance the digestive system and improve overall wellness. To learn more information about the science behind probiotics, visit the Yakult Resources.