Our first U.S. factory is located in Fountain Valley, California, where we make both Yakult and Yakult Light. Our factory also makes, fills, seals and packages our iconic little bottles. The facility can produce 950,000 bottles a day, every one of them packed with billions of live and active probiotic strain, Lactobacillu casei Shirota.

A note from Yakult factory tour

We regret to announce that due to concerns around the coronavirus (COVID-19) and California’s state of emergency declaration, we are not conducting Factory Tour until further notice. If you have any question or need help, visit www.yakultusa.com/company/contact/.



Want to get to know Yakult? Come take a factory tour in Fountain Valley, California. Take a trip through our state-of-the-art facility, see how Yakult is made and learn more about probiotics! You’ll also get to see how our factory makes, fills, seals and packages our iconic little bottles. Reservations are required.

Please fill out a Tour Application, and send it to us via email at Factorytour@yakultusa.com or fax (714) 434-7300. You can also give us a call at (714) 434-6500 (option 4). For more information please refer to our Tour Brochure. We look forward to seeing you!

Factory Tour Brochure

Tour Brochure

Factory Tour Application

Tour Application

Factory Tour Application

Factory Tour Safety Guide