Fortune Yakult

★Items needed★

  • ・A clean and dry Yakult bottle and lid
  • ・Scissors
  • ・Tape and/or glue
  • ・Drinking straw
  • ・This print out ⇒ Download Template


1 1. Cut out each item.
(There's room for custom fortune statements added by you on the template)
2 2. Cut drinking straws to half the length of the cut paper.
(Twice the number of papers prepared!)
3 3. Insert the paper into the two straws.
4 4. Tape or glue the lid onto the bottle, then make a hole in Yakult lid.
(Larger than the straw!)
5 5. Put the straws into the bottle through the hole.
6 6. Shake the bottle to read your fortune!